PlyoJam’s innovative workout combines cutting-edge dance moves with short, explosive plyometric exercises that tone, shape and transform the body.

The ever-changing catalog of fun PlyoJam routines features carefully crafted choreography designed for both dancers and non-dancers alike. 

Not a dancer? Not a problem. Beginners will feel like superstars as you tear it up with our sexy and surprisingly intense, yet easy-to-follow routines.

With each PlyoJam class, you’ll strengthen and sculpt your body. So crank up that music and let go of your inhibitions, then work that body like it’s never been worked before. 

You’ll leave every one of our dance fitness classes feeling invigorated, and with a renewed sense of confidence!


You’ll get so caught up with the music and the moves that you don’t realize you’ve burned 800 -1,000 calories during a one hour class. 

Some fitness formats use plyometrics as a repetitious tool, which often feels torturous for students. PlyoJam, on the other hand, takes this extremely effective training tool and combines it with dance, which makes the exercise so much more fun and effective. 

Ridding your workout of the torturous element guarantees you’ll actually look forward to class, are likelier to return, and achieve your desired results.

Students of all ages, shapes, sizes and dancing ability will tone, shape and transform their bodies through the PlyoJam method!



Let some of our students and instructors tell you why PlyoJam is THEIR jam!


Jason Layden, creator and co-founder of PlyoJam


Celebrity dance fitness trainer Jason Layden was born with a natural talent for dance and he fostered his passion for the art when he studied it at Penn State. In 2012 he decided to blend his love for dance with his interest in fitness and began teaching cardio dance classes.

As Layden’s class sizes grew, the number of students requesting him to design more challenging workouts quickly overwhelmed him. They loved dancing, but wanted something with higher levels of intensity. Jason realized that the incredible cardio and calorie burning benefits of plyometrics, or jump training, were missing from traditional dance classes. Thus, he seamlessly blended high-energy, easy to follow dance moves with the intense plyometric training of elite athletes and PlyoJam was born.

Layden began teaching his new PlyoJam concept at a private club in Santa Monica and as the demand grew, he expanded his teaching schedule to boutique gyms and dance studios throughout Los Angeles. Dancing their way through an ever-changing catalogue of routines, students burn a scorching amount of calories with moves that tone, shape and transform their bodies.

Quickly realizing that people were falling in love with PlyoJam and that others wanted to jump on board, Layden and his team created an online certification program so that dance fitness enthusiasts could become certified in this amazing fitness concept.

PlyoJam has been named as one of the top trending workout classes in the country by SELF Magazine, who also dubbed Layden as one of the top ten hottest trainers on Instagram. King of Carpool Karaoke, and host of the Late Late Show, James Corden, credits PlyoJam with helping him lose over 70 pounds and has been an incredible proponent of the method.

Stacey Beaman, COO and co-founder of PlyoJam

Stacey Beaman – COO and Co-Founder

Always having a passion for dancing and music, Stacey Beaman first joined PlyoJam on the dance floor as a student. She was looking for a form of exercise that wasn’t torturous, but still delivered results. PlyoJam was just that. PlyoJam became an integral part of her fitness journey and sparked a passion in her.

After completing forty classes in eight weeks and losing an initial twenty-four pounds, Stacey left the country to travel abroad for five months. Upon her return to the states, Stacey picked up right where she left off with PlyoJam, not only on the dance floor, but also on the business side of the brand.

With a B.A. in Communication from USC and an M.A. in Education, Stacey has always had a knack for writing and getting a message across. Social Media became a natural fit for her as she took to the PlyoJam Social Media platforms to start promoting the brand.

Her role with PlyoJam has evolved into a partnership with Jason, overseeing day-to-day operations of the brand from social media, to instructor recruiting and relations, event planning and more. Now seventy pounds into her weight loss and fitness journey, Stacey has truly lived and breathed the PlyoJam concept and has an undying love and passion for the brand. When she’s not posting on Instagram or Twitter, she still takes to the dance floor four or five times a week to break a sweat, and has even become a certified PlyoJam instructor. Stacey also loves traveling, movies and whipping up a delicious meal for her friends and family.

Christine Hernandez, Master Choreographer for PlyoJam

Christine Hernandez – Master Choreographer

Christine Hernandez is a classically trained tap, jazz, and ballet dancer with experience ranging from studio work to theatre. She was an American Dance Idol Finalist, a dancer in the film American Son starring Nick Cannon, and a Bakersfield JAM Dance Team Member for the NBA Development League.

Christine’s studies continued throughout the state of California to include fitness, salsa, hip hop, cheer, and break dancing in the early 2000’s. Her work experience evolved to include choreography for events, pageants and multi-disciplinary dance instruction in that time.

Her love of dance led her to the fitness industry in 2013 when she relocated to San Luis Obispo County and became a barre instructor and a one-time 3rd place bikini bodybuilder. Dance and fitness became one when PlyoJam found her on Instagram. She fell in love with PlyoJam and saw how one hour of class created motivation, dedication, happiness, and a chance of spreading positive community.

Happily and always on the go, she now teaches and choreographs for PlyoJam in the central coast. Her goals in life are to continue her passion and to motivate men and women to live a better healthy life style whether it’s through dance or fitness.

Gerrard Panahon, Chief Financial Officer at PlyoJam

Gerrard Panahon – CFO

Gerrard Panahon is the Chief Financial Officer at PlyoJam, LLC. He manages all the company’s finances and ensures that the PlyoJam dream ship keeps sailing ahead. Gerrard also serves as a Financial Analyst for a nonprofit. Outside of work, Gerrard stays busy cooking up delicious dishes in the kitchen and volunteering for various organizations in the greater Los Angeles area. He holds an MBA from Loyola Marymount University.

PlyoJam In the Press

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