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About Jason Layden

Jason Layden, creator of PlyoJam®, is one of the top dance fitness instructors in Los Angeles. He has a huge following and is gaining traction quickly in the national fitness scene. His new workout craze incorporates plyometrics along with hot dance steps that will tone your body and demolish calories. PlyoJam is expressive, creative, and fulfilling because you are moving your body in ways you feel compelled to do when you hear that beat ... It’s where that primal urge collides with modern moves to give you a workout with an advantage - an intense calorie burn to match your endorphins high!

Online Dance Workouts That Keep You Motivated!

Online dance workouts sound ridiculous, right? But funny enough, online dance workouts are becoming a bit of a trend these days. I have been teaching dance classes now for over seven years. More specifically, I have been teaching PyoJam for the past three years. PlyoJam is a dance workout that incorporates jump training. If you had told me seven years ago that one day I would be teaching online dance workouts, I would have said, “bologna”.

But as times and trends changed, I saw the importance of offering this alternative and today I’m proud to say PlyoJam offers weekly online dance workouts. I am thrilled to offer these classes for many reasons and today I want to discuss the three benefits of an online dance workout like PlyoJam.

Benefit number one that tops the list is the mere convenience. Life can be busy and often the last thing on our list is working out. So how nice would it be to go home after a long day, greet your fury friend, grab a quick snack and throw on your workout clothes to get your sweat on from the convenience of your own home? You don’t even have to book a babysitter to get your workout in. Just have your kiddos dance along with your! Pretty great right?

One of the biggest questions is how do you stay motivated with at home workouts? Who is there to push you to keep going? Yes, I’ll be on the screen, but no one is actually there, which can sometimes be a problem. This brings me to benefit numer two of doing an online dance workout like PlyoJam. As opposed to popular infomercial driven workouts like P90X and Insanity, which can be grueling and just down right boring, online dance workouts are FUN. Now I know what you’re thinking. If you wanted to do a Zumba class, you’d call your mom and sign up at the local YMCA. You also may be thinking online dance workouts sound like something your Aunt Janet did when she popped in “Sweating to the Oldies” or when your older sister did those ridiculous aerobic videos from the early 90’s.  I get it, I too experienced all those types of workouts when I was younger and they seem silly today, no offense Richard and Jane. But hear me out. When I say PlyoJam is FUN, I’m referring to a workout that you actually look forward to and enjoy. Hard to believe, I know.  But seriously, I keep getting emails from our online subscribers telling me they LOVE the online class.  They feel like I am right there with them, I keep them motivated, give them a level of intensity needed to achieve results, and the music is AWESOME.


This brings me to my third and final benefit, RESULTS! Wouldn’t you love to subscribe to online dance workouts that actually deliver results, torch those calories away and help you feel amazing? You’re in luck and frankly will be thankful you stumbled upon this blog.  PlyoJam offers this type of online dance workout. Once you sign up for our online dance workouts, you will have immediate access to a sixty-minute PlyoJam class with me! Every Monday, a brand new sixty-minute online dance workout will be posted. Think of it as your very own private, just like the classes I teach to amazing celebs like James Corden and Kate Hudson! You will be up close and personal with no other students blocking your view and no fighting for your spot on the dance floor! The best part?  These at home workouts stay on the website for seven days, and you can watch and dance along as often as you’d like! This will fulfill benefit number one as to the convenience of doing online dance workouts.  What about benefit number two you ask?  I will personally motivate and keep you moving with not just my charm, (I promise I’m fun!) but also with a playlist of music that you will enjoy! The third and final benefit, RESULTS, will be achieved because PlyoJam incorporates jump training which is weaved throughout the dance steps to sculpt and tone your bod.  You will finish the sixty minute workout exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. What are you waiting for?

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PlyoJam as seen in Glamour Magazine

“It incorporates plyometric exercises to get your heart rate up and burn serious calories in a short amount of time.” says Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer Jason Layden, who created the routine based on his wildly popular class Plyojam. To read more click HERE


PlyoJam makes Healthline’s list as one of the best dance workout videos in 2016. Woot! Woot! Finding time to fit in a workout can be a chore. Fortunately, there are plenty of places online where you can find workouts suited to your schedule as well as your mood. To read more and see the clip click HERE

Earn AFAA Credit

There are many ways to earn AFAA credit. As a certified group exercise trainer you must earn AFAA credit annually to stay certified to teach. I personally would rather have to earn AFFA credit than go through the group exercise training again. To earn AFAA credit, you must simply find credible workouts that are approved providers. Yes, my friends it’s that easy! Here’s one trick to earn AFAA credit effectively: Pick something you like! The worst thing you could do when trying to earn AFAA credit is to be trained in a skill that doesn’t mesh with what you already teach.

Most trainers dread the two-year mark when they realize they still need to earn AFAA credit; credits must be submitted every two years.

Here are a few ways that you can earn AFFA credit: Take a live AFAA workshop or an online program. Take an AFAA approved workshop like the IDEA Fitness Conference or PlyoJam. You probably don’t know that Health/Medical/Fitness college courses are automatically accepted for AFAA CEUs. There is even state approved programs such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, all of which are automatically accepted for AFAA CEUs.

If you are someone who is reading this blog entry, chances are, you are looking to earn AFAA credit. Well, you’re in luck! I happen to be the creator of a fitness concept called PlyoJam that offers AFAA Credit. PlyoJam is a hot, edgy dance fitness format that provides the intensity level comparable to that of P90X or the Insanity workout, but remains the fun, sexy dance party that so many crave. PlyoJam is not your average, follow along dance class like a Zumba or Hip Hop Cardio class. The intensity comes from Plyometric-inspired movements, a form of jump training, that are weaved throughout the routines to maximize calories burned. Additionally, PlyoJam routines are set to the hottest new music, which inspires and excites students and sets classes on fire. No other dance fitness program comes close to delivering the thrill and heart pumping experience of a PlyoJam class. Here comes the best part, by signing up and doing our online program, you can earn AFAA credit!!!  5 CEUs to be exact!!!

  • Complete the PlyoJam online certification by watching a special training video from founder Jason Layden.
  • Review the PDF version of the official PlyoJam Training Manual.
  • Learn all the concepts of PlyoJam and its health benefits.
  • Learn modifications, cueing techniques, and standard moves.
  • Submit a two to three minute video demonstrating a routine that contains the PlyoJam principles for review. 
    This should be done within 30 days of certification purchase.
  • $19.99/month licensing fee begins 30 days after purchase of certification, regardless of audition submission,
    so be sure to get your submissions in ASAP!  We want to get you teaching!
  • Online Certification offers 5 AFAA CEUs

If you are someone that does better with hands on training, our program also offers live workshops.

So as you can see, there are many ways to earn AFAA credit. I of course am writing this blog to better guide you in making these choices and shamelessly plugging my own product. Find a workshop that is affordable. The money adds up when trying to earn AFAA credit, so choose wisely. The cheapest and most affordable way, aside from PlyoJam’s online program of course, is an at home study course which requires a bit of reading. You can usually find these Home Study courses offered through the AFAA magazine and on their website. Lastly, remember it’s not difficult to earn AFAA credit you just need to put a little bit of research into getting the most bang for your buck.

Dance Instructor

Being a dance instructor isn’t just about showing up to class, plugging in your music and saying, “Let’s dance!” Being a dance instructor is about inspiring, motivating and entertaining others. When I tell people I’m a dance instructor, they often think. “Wow, this guy’s a dance instructor, he’s got it easy”. I will admit being a dance instructor has its perks. For starters, I get to be creative. This is the best part about being a dance instructor. Not to mention, you get an amazing workout. This, of course, depends on the type of dance class you teach. I teach PlyoJam, which is not your mama’s Zumba class. PlyoJam is a more intense dance class that incorporates short, fast explosive jumping movements merged with easy to follow hip hop dance moves. The workout is a calorie scorcher. I created this format in 2013 because I realized in my effort to motivate my students during class, something was missing. The students wanted to be pushed harder and harder physically. The conventional dance steps were just not cutting it. PlyoJam is the first dance cardio class that incorporates plyometrics and dancing.
Plyometrics, also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power. This training focuses on learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid or “explosive” way, for example with specialized repeated jumping. Plyometrics are primarily used by athletes to improve performance, and are used in the fitness field to a much lesser degree.
Dancing has its own set of benefits. Dance has physical and mental health benefits. Dancing is a fun way to keep fit. Ballet, belly dancing, salsa, ballroom dancing, hip-hop, square-dancing and tap dancing are different dancing styles. In the end, if you pop in your favorite tune and start shaking and shimmying you are doing something good for your body.
As a dance instructor, keeping up on popular music is crucial. Aside from the actual workout and being an energetic and infectious dance instructor, music is a huge reason why people become addicted to a good dance cardio class. In a Plyojam class we keep it fresh and new and our music is on point. PlyoJam workouts are constantly being refreshed and set to today’s hottest new tracks, ensuring our students never get bored. PlyoJam becomes a lifestyle because of the music. I am a firm believer that when taking any type of dance class, when someone is familiar with the music they get excited. Not to mentioned, if they happen to hear the song in the car or out at a bar or club, they will most likely start doing the dance steps they’ve learned in class. In turn, this will encourage them to take class again. As a dance instructor, playing the popular songs in class will also help the student anticipate the next steps because they are familiar with the changes in the song pattern. The dance instructor ultimately becomes the ultimate DJ. As you can see, a dance instructor is more than just showing up to teach a class. A dance instructor becomes a part of a person lifestyle. So when I tell people I’m a dance instructor, I hold my head up high proudly, knowing that I change lives on the daily. FEELS REAL GOOD!!! I strongly encourage anyone interested in becoming a dance instructor and teaching a dance cardio class to checkout PlyoJam’s online certification. It’s a format that will motivate and excite you as well as give your potential students something to rave about!

Neha Patel – Master Choreographer

Neha fell in love with dance fitness classes many years ago when working out became a FUN PARTY. What was once a hobby turned into a true passion when she discovered the “PlyoJam” format. Since being one of the very first certified PlyoJam instructors, she’s been hooked. Watch out, she’s been told her classes feel like you’re at a CLUB! She believes dancing is for all ages, genders, and sizes and strives to bring people together in unity through dance.



PlyoJam is  currently training other fitness pros and expanding PlyoJam, with classes now in 15 states as well as Canada and the UK. There is also an online training program in which instructors can master the six PlyoJam techniques. Now offering AFAA 5 CEU’s

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