Plyometric Movements …PlyoJam’s Secret Ingredient
The tagline for PlyoJam is “dance powered by plyometrics.” However, people often ask us about the word plyometrics. Plyometric movements are the secret ingredient of the PlyoJam formula. Not only do PlyoJam routines contain...
Dance Instructor
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Being a dance instructor isn’t just about showing up to class, plugging in your music and saying, “Let’s dance!” Being a dance instructor is about inspiring, motivating and entertaining others. When I tell people...
Dance Fitness …. Cardio Made Fun!
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PlyoJam co-founder Stacey Beaman shares her story of how dance fitness revived her health!
7 Best Exercises to Tone Your Booty
The holidays have arrived and that means parties, treats and hitting the dance floor at your office Christmas Party!  Why not tone up that booty while dancing with your office mate Carol! Dancing can be...
7 Reasons Dance Fitness is the BEST Way to Get Summer Ready
People are constantly talking about the almighty “summer body.” But EW, who wants to spend hours on a treadmill to attain that bod? Not us! Dance fitness, on the other hand, comes with some...