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As the creator of a dance fitness format, I’ve noticed something about fitness enthusiasts. Many are either slaying their strength training goals in the weight room or crushing their cardio workouts. I rarely meet...
Online Dance Workouts That Keep You Motivated!
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Online dance workouts sound ridiculous, right? But funny enough, online dance workouts are becoming a bit of a trend these days. I have been teaching dance classes now for over seven years. More specifically,...
Up Close and Personal with PlyoJam COO Stacey Beaman
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PlyoJam Co-Founder and COO Stacey Beaman gets real about taking risks, getting over fear and self doubt, and getting out there and doing things that might feel scary.  In this interview she talks about...
Plyometric Movements …PlyoJam’s Secret Ingredient
The tagline for PlyoJam is “dance powered by plyometrics.” However, people often ask us about the word plyometrics. Plyometric movements are the secret ingredient of the PlyoJam formula. Not only do PlyoJam routines contain...
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Dance Fitness …. Cardio Made Fun!
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PlyoJam co-founder Stacey Beaman shares her story of how dance fitness revived her health!