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This routine to the song Confident, by Demi Lovato, is one of my favorite routines right now.  It’s hot, sexy, fun and CHALLENGING, which completely encompasses what a PlyoJam class is all about.  Also,...
Setting Realistic Goals (and when it’s time to buy a new dress!)
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Written by Stacey Beaman, As told by Jason Layden I hear it all too often. “I need to lose twenty pounds by next month.” The moment I hear this, I can’t help but cringe...
Delicious & Healthy Quinoa Tabouleh
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I think by now we all know that a fit, healthy body does not solely depend on exercise.  And, while we are always encouraging you to dance, dance, dance, we also want to share...
Find Out How Dancing Makes Your Bones Happy!
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I think we can all agree that dancing is a true source of joy. It is a stress reliever, a soul lifter, a time to let go and lose yourself in rhythm and tempo....