Setting Realistic Goals (and when it’s time to buy a new dress!)
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Written by Stacey Beaman, As told by Jason Layden I hear it all too often. “I need to lose twenty pounds by next month.” The moment I hear this, I can’t help but cringe...
Delicious & Healthy Quinoa Tabouleh
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I think by now we all know that a fit, healthy body does not solely depend on exercise.  And, while we are always encouraging you to dance, dance, dance, we also want to share...
When Losing Turns Into A Gain
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I met Stacey Beaman one day at a pool party and we immediately connected. I knew I had a dancer in the making when our shoulders bobbed simultaneously while “Turn Down For What” played...
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Party of One at Plyojam
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Article written by Espi Juarez from Party of One If you don’t know what Plyojam is, don’t worry I did not know either. I attended a Plyojam class at Moore Dance Studios in Brentwood...
Find Out How Dancing Makes Your Bones Happy!
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I think we can all agree that dancing is a true source of joy. It is a stress reliever, a soul lifter, a time to let go and lose yourself in rhythm and tempo....