PlyoJam Dance Burnout! DVD and HD Digital Download – Free Preview

Get obsessed with LA’s hottest cardio workout

Jump-start your weight loss with the ultimate fat-burning workout, PlyoJam® Dance Burnout! Melt inches faster than ever by elevating your dance step with rapid, explosive movements that use plyometric exercises to blast more fat in less time.

Learn new moves and get accelerated results in this fun, powerful workout set to all-new original music by Los Angeles band, Hotel Lobby.

You’ll get in shape with PlyoJam

You’ll jump, spin, twist, and shake it all out, while engaging your core and toning your whole body from head to toe. You’ll see new definition and strength everywhere, and accomplish it all in just 30 minutes, three times a week!

The exclusive DVD and high-definition digital download each feature 12 chapters that let you customize your PlyoJam experience! Each fat-burning move is specifically designed to help you dance your way into the slimmest, sexiest shape of your life. This session is broken down by song into eight chapters so you can customize your workout, however and whenever you want!


Bonus Burnout Session

Get maximum results in just three 5-minute PlyoJam Burnout sessions, which are customized interval training sessions that boost your heart rate with explosive moves teamed with fun dance moves that act as your recovery.

Now you can workout to PlyoJam at home or anywhere else with the DVD or digital download for just $9.99.

With the free preview of PlyoJam Dance Burnout!, you can explore the vibe and rhythm of PlyoJam before you buy, so you have nothing to lose but calories and inches! Turn up the burn and transform your body today!