Meet Your Instructors

Meet Your Instructors


Celebrity dance fitness trainer Jason Layden was born with a natural talent for dance and he fostered his passion for the art when he studied it at Penn State. In 2012 he decided to blend his love for dance with his interest in fitness and began teaching cardio dance classes.

As Layden’s class sizes grew, the number of students requesting him to design more challenging workouts quickly overwhelmed him. They loved dancing, but wanted something with higher levels of intensity. Jason realized that the incredible cardio and calorie burning benefits of plyometrics, or jump training, were missing from traditional dance classes. Thus, he seamlessly blended high-energy, easy to follow dance moves with the intense plyometric training of elite athletes and PlyoJam was born.

Layden began teaching his new PlyoJam concept at a private club in Santa Monica and as the demand grew, he expanded his teaching schedule to boutique gyms and dance studios throughout Los Angeles. Dancing their way through an ever-changing catalogue of routines, students burn a scorching amount of calories with moves that tone, shape and transform their bodies.

Quickly realizing that people were falling in love with PlyoJam and that others wanted to jump on board, Layden and his team created an online certification program so that dance fitness enthusiasts could become certified in this amazing fitness concept.

PlyoJam has been named as one of the top trending workout classes in the country by SELF Magazine, who also dubbed Layden as one of the top ten hottest trainers on Instagram. King of Carpool Karaoke, and host of the Late Late Show, James Corden, credits PlyoJam with helping him lose over 70 pounds and has been an incredible proponent of the method.

Stacey Beaman – COO and Co-Founder

Always having a passion for dancing and music, Stacey Beaman first joined PlyoJam on the dance floor as a student. She was looking for a form of exercise that wasn’t torturous, but still delivered results. PlyoJam was just that. PlyoJam became an integral part of her fitness journey and sparked a passion in her.

After completing forty classes in eight weeks and losing an initial twenty-four pounds, Stacey left the country to travel abroad for five months. Upon her return to the states, Stacey picked up right where she left off with PlyoJam, not only on the dance floor, but also on the business side of the brand.

With a B.A. in Communication from USC and an M.A. in Education, Stacey has always had a knack for writing and getting a message across. Social Media became a natural fit for her as she took to the PlyoJam Social Media platforms to start promoting the brand.

Her role with PlyoJam has evolved into a partnership with Jason, overseeing day-to-day operations of the brand from social media, to instructor recruiting and relations, event planning and more. Now seventy pounds into her weight loss and fitness journey, Stacey has truly lived and breathed the PlyoJam concept and has an undying love and passion for the brand. When she’s not posting on Instagram or Twitter, she still takes to the dance floor four or five times a week to break a sweat, and has even become a certified PlyoJam instructor. Stacey also loves traveling, movies and whipping up a delicious meal for her friends and family.

Jaclyn Marfuggi – Online Class Instructor

Jaclyn Marfuggi is a ball of fun energy from start to finish! Her love for fitness and dance are exercised weekly through her Plyojam class. This Jersey girl has choreographed for Nerdist, TruTV, and the Jacksons. Her style is a mix of Pop, Hip Hop and modern. She loves to mix it up with her class playlists (favorites include Britney Spears, JayZ, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyonce). If Jaclyn’s name sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably listened to her podcast, What’s Your Jersey on iTunes and audioboom network. Jaclyn’s experience as a working standup comedian is a reason why she’s a great Plyojam instructor. She knows how to work a room. Between songs, she cheers on the class in a funny and motivational way without preaching or being nauseatingly zen. As she says, “I teach with my hair down because I like a good hair flip.”


Coming from a dance background, melissa zugell has been dancing since she could remember. Learning everything from jazz, ballet, ballroom to slovenian folk dance (her heritage!) She has come to share her truest passion for dance and fitness with others. Melissa’s combined passion for dance and fitness enabled her to seek innovative and effective techniques for her training, and is highly experienced in a variety of fitness practices. 


She is most newly proud to be a plyojam fitness instructor . The hottest fitness phenomenon sweeping the nation!  She is an affa certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer; a successful and accredited zumba fitness instructor 9+ years; certified piloxing instructor; trained and completed red velvet fitness training.

Melissa also has numerous credits in tv and fitness dvd’s (including zumba exhilarate dvd’s, dance off the inches latin cardio party, get out! Tv segment for santa monica, lionsgate “be fit” zumba fitness segment featuring “star fit” with kym johnson, tv show the biggest loser, and guiliana & bill.)

 She believes there is nothing more wonderful in the world than helping and watching people achieve what they thought was probably impossible – all while having fun doing it! She enlivens the room with boundless positive energy that takes the “work” out of working out, and infuses her heart and soul into every movement. Melissa aims to inspire the amateur, challenge the expert, and unite all through an energetic cardio dance workout meant for everyone!


Amber Susa Jewett is the founder and owner of Allomi, a sanctuary for holistic health and healing in Redondo Beach, where she lives with her children Dawson and Will, and husband Christopher. She is an entrepreneur, business owner, fitness expert, holistic health coach, inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher. Growing up as an actress and dancer, Amber was naturally drawn to creative expression, storytelling and performing. She has spent the last decade in the fitness industry, co-founding HIP Studio, Hermosa Beach, a boutique, high-intensity Pilates & Fitness studio, seven years ago.

After becoming a mother to two beautiful children, severe low back pain led her to a meditation practice and spiritual journey that has called her to open Allomi. Amber is dedicated to sharing her experience and to inspiring others to live their best life. It is her desire and intention to elevate the community through movement, meditation and mindfulness.


I was really excited when I heard Plyojam was offering online classes. I had taken a class in New York City and was hooked. At first, I felt weird dancing in my apartment by myself. But now I love having the room just to be me and feeling like I’m getting a private lesson from Jason. His energy is infectious! I like how he breaks down each move and offers modifications. Every week I feel more confident trying the harder moves and adding in more plyo. You will definitely break out in a sweat, but I love how I feel after, strong and empowered. Keep the dances coming!
Pauline K, 31
Rego Park, NY
PlyoJam Online is a game changer. I had taken PlyoJam classes in person, but they were hard with my work full-time, single mom schedule. The class made me happy, energetic and was so fun. Best part was what my body looked like after just a few classes. When my schedule made it impossible, the results weren’t good. Flabby, depressed and never getting to check that box. I was beyond excited when I saw that there were online classes. Just as fun and intense. Even better, no one is dancing into me! Best online work out I’ve done (that includes you, Tracey Anderson). And anyone can afford it. You will love it and have the BEST time. Promise.
Liz C, 49
Redondo Beach, CA