PlyoJam was originally created in Los Angeles, California when creator Jason Layden realized his students wanted to dance, but wanted to sweat and burn MORE calories. The format combines easy to follow, hip-hop style dance moves with plyometric inspired jump training for a calorie scorching, sexy and FUN workout.

Created for anyone and everyone, get ready to train like an athlete and dance like a pop star.


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PlyoJam Online Classes have quickly gained popularity around the globe as students are becoming OBSESSED with the workout, the results, the supportive and tight knit community, and the music.

Celebs like Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, James Corden and Sporty Spice love PlyoJam, and you will too!

PlyoJam is a lifestyle and we can’t wait for you to join our tribe.



Dance to the hottest hits on the radio!


Music that keeps you motivated.


Pop and Hip Hop artists you know and love!

Request songs you're dying to hear!

New songs and routines weekly!


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Click the video to see a sneak peek of a private class with creator Jason Layden.

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Click the video to see a sneak peek of a group class with a master PlyoJam instructor.

What Sets Us Apart?

We know without a doubt that our workout rivals any an all dance and HIIT workouts on the market, but we’ve also designed our program to set ourselves apart from the big guys! For us it’s ALL ABOUT CONNECTION. 

Let's Chat!

When you join our membership, you will have the option to have a virtual coaching session with one of the PlyoJam founders.  We want to know EACH and EVERY one of you. We want to know your challenges and be here for you on your journey. As you move along with your fitness journey you can continue to schedule calls with a member of the PlyoJam team to help motivate and aide in your fitness journey. 

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Click the video above to hear why our virtual coaching sessions are a game changer!

As a PlyoJam Online Class member you will have access to all of this every single day:

Access to 30 minute and 60 minute PlyoJam Cardio Dance videos, with routines set to ALL your favorite hip-hop and Top 40 hits! Fresh content added to the site weekly!

Some videos will feature just Jason (kind of like the privates he does with his celeb clients) and some videos will feature Jason with some dancers showing you modifications!

You will also have access to Core Strength and Stretch videos, both equally important elements of your fitness journey!​

A guided path customized for your individual fitness level and dance skills. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced online dance classes. Click the book to learn more!

AND....you will be invited to the private PlyoJam Online Class community where you will be able to meet other members from all over the world, make song requests, participate in live Q&A's with the founders! You will be able to rely on this community for support and advice when you need it!


Save On Your One Year Membership

Just $149



Ready for some good news? Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be laced with workouts that are boring, workouts that you don’t like, and doing them all alone at the gym. Yuck. Moving your body should be something you look forward to–at least that’s what we believe. 😉 But don’t take our word! Read some testimonials from our incredible members!

PlyoJam Online is a game changer. I had taken PlyoJam classes in person, but they were hard with my work full-time, single mom schedule. The class made me happy, energetic and was so fun. Best part was what my body looked like after just a few classes. When my schedule made it impossible, the results weren't good. Flabby, depressed and never getting to check that box. I was beyond excited when I saw that there were online classes. Just as fun and intense. Even better, no one is dancing into me! Best online work out I've done (that includes you, Tracey Anderson). And anyone can afford it. You will love it and have the BEST time. Promise.
Liz C, 49
Redondo Beach, CA
I was really excited when I heard Plyojam was offering online classes. I had taken a class in New York City and was hooked. At first, I felt weird dancing in my apartment by myself. But now I love having the room just to be me and feeling like I'm getting a private lesson from Jason. His energy is infectious! I like how he breaks down each move and offers modifications. Every week I feel more confident trying the harder moves and adding in more plyo. You will definitely break out in a sweat, but I love how I feel after, strong and empowered. Keep the dances coming!
Pauline K, 31
Financial analyst Rego Park, NY
I absolutely love plyojam!! I have always been a fan of dance fitness classes, but often find that classes offered at gyms are a bit boring. Plyojam is definitely NOT boring. It is super challenging, but you can barely tell because Jason uses the best songs and super fun pop and hip hop moves. I always burn at least 800 calories with each class. Jason makes it feel effortless because he offers a variety of modifications. The time also flies because Jason is HILARIOUS! I feel like he's right there in the same room with me. I can't recommend these online classes enough!
Lawyer, 28
Long Island, NY



One time fee.
$ 24
  • No recurring charge.
  • Access to a library of 30 min & 60 min PlyoJam Dance Workouts
  • Access to a library of Stretch & Core strengthening videos
  • Access to an archive of all older workouts so that you can always complete your favorites!
  • Access to featured guest instructor of the month.


Pay first 3 months up front.
$ 13
99 / month
  • Cancel at any time after three months.
  • Access to a library of 30 min & 60 min PlyoJam Dance Workouts
  • Access to a library of Stretch & Core strengthening videos
  • Access to an archive of all older workouts so that you can always complete your favorites!
  • Access to featured guest instructor of the month.
  • Invitation to private online class community
  • Discounts on PlyoJam merchandise and events.


Workout all year!
$ 149
/ year
  • Locked in price for annual renewal. Your price will never increase!
  • Access to a library of 30 min & 60 min PlyoJam Dance Workouts
  • Access to a library of Stretch & Core strengthening videos
  • Access to an archive of all older workouts so that you can always complete your favorites!
  • Access to featured guest instructor of the month.
  • Invitation to private online class community
  • 15 minute Skype session with creator Jason Layden
  • Private email address provided for music requests
  • Discounts on PlyoJam merchandise and events.
  • $20 annual savings


Here at PlyoJam we’ve created an online membership so that you can access our epic workout from the comfort of home, on the road, from work, from ANYWHERE! When you sign up for your online membership, you will be granted access to a member portal through our website where you will have access to multiple workout videos.You will get your own personal login information and voila! Time to sweat from anywhere around the world!

These videos contain ALL the fun routines found in a live class, with ALL the best music, lead by PlyoJam creator Jason Layden. Some videos are shot with just Jason, and some have back up dancers in the videos! You’re in luck, you can access a sample class by clicking HERE.

Not only will you have access to multiple PlyoJam dance fitness videos, but you will also have access to PlyoJam Core Strength videos, PlyoJam Stretch videos, multiple PlyoJam dance tutorials to break down some of the trickier steps, and a link to join a private Facebook community in which you get to meet and interact with other members AND Jason himself (this is really one of the most epic aspects of the online membership–having a tribe is key to your long term goals).

There are so many ways! You can open an internet browser on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and view them on these devices. You can also play them on your big screen TV through a variety of ways including Air Play, Apple TV, Screen Mirroring, using an HDMI cable. We recommend accessing online classes on high speed WiFi.

 You bet!! We have worked hard to make our routines accessible to ALL levels of fitness so whether you’re an avid runner, a Crossfit ninja, or have only bent over to pick up something off the floor in the last year, you’re covered. We build in modified movements for those that want to keep their workout more mellow, and we’ve also built in our signature elevated movements for those that want a more intense workout!

Once you sign up for the membership you will be invited to join the community! Our community is incredibly supportive and fun! Once you join, we suggest you introduce yourself and check back frequently for posts, announcements and live chats! Stay active inside the community!

Billing is either month-to-month or year-to-year, depending on the membership you purchase. Annual memberships renew automatically. You can cancel your membership at anytime, but please note that after you cancel, you will lose access to video content.

  • Log on to the plyoJam.com website.
  • Click on Membership Account on the Menu Bar (or on the drop down menu from a mobile device).
  • You will see options to Update Billing Info, Change or Cancel.
  • Click on Cancel.
  • Confirm that you would like to Cancel your Membership.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Please email [email protected] Let’s DANCE!

Save On Your One Year Membership

Just $149