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Train like an athlete. Dance like a pop star

Tone, Transform and Shape your Body.

Train like an athlete. Dance like a pop star

Tone, Transform and Shape your Body.

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Celebs Love Plyojam

“I’ve never had so much fun in my life working out. It’s a bunch of jumping jacks and plyometrics, and then you throw in a sexy body roll. It’s the absolute best!”

--James Corden

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The Reviews Are in...

I absolutely love feeling like I'm actually in Jason's class and never get bored since the class changes every week. The music is awesome and Jason's moves are so fun and insiring. Never have I worked so hard yet had so much fun with a workout. Thank you Jason for making me feel like a sexy beast! -Kim M., 36, Sheridan, WY

I recently discovered this online wonder and have loved it! I have a knee injury that keeps me from doing some things, but Plyojam's modifications make this such a fun workout, and I still feel the burn! Jason is full of energy and I love the flow of the workout. Plyojam is an awesome, fun way to lose weight and feel good! -Alyssa R., 36, Barnsdall, OK

At first, I felt weird dancing in my apartment by myself. But now I love having the room just to me and feeling like I'm getting a private lesson from Jason. His energy is infectious! I like how he breaks down each move and offers modifications. Every week I feel more confident trying the harder moves and adding in more plyo. - Pauline K., 31, Regal Park, NY

I have tried so many different exercise classes in my lifetime. This is the one class I actually look forward to doing and to sweating! Jason is the best, he has the best dance moves and you forget that you are doing this for exercise! I feel like I am back in my youth (LOL) at a nightclub dancing. The best part is that I have actually lost 15 lbs. since taking his classes.- Laurie Dworsky, 56, Playa Vista, CA

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