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  • At a live training you will work with a PlyoJam master trainer learning the founding principles of the format and mastering PlyoJam choreography. Click the TRAIN LIVE button above to see if there is a live training scheduled near you! Want to host a live training? Contact us at [email protected]!
  • If a live certification workshop is not available near you, don't fret! We have built a simple ONLINE dance fitness instructor certification program that can be completed from the comfort of home! This is the digital age so we took our program digital! Click the TRAIN ONLINE button above for online training details.

we get you

We recognize that spark in a person when they have a deep love for fitness, dance and inspiring others. Why? Because we have it ourselves and we understand that CALLING that just won’t go away. If we were gamblers, here’s what we would bet about YOU.

You love dancing and performing ...it’s in your blood! Music is everything to you! The combination of the two... music and dancing...is LIFE!

You would absolutely love to find a way to make money doing the things you feel so deeply passionate about.

You love fitness and living an active and healthy lifestyle. The idea of helping and inspiring others to do so as well is a dream come true!



We know you’re strong. You MUST be because you’ve downloaded this guide… which tells us you are ready for something new, something big. But just wait….wait for the strength you realize you have when you are brave enough to take the next steps.​

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There might be a small part of you that wants to do this on your own. But relying on the warmth and support of a tribe of people who GET what you’re going through is priceless. Having a team of people to surround you, lift you up, and help out is so necessary to your success. We think having this fam is so much better than going it alone.​


We’ve all had jobs that we couldn’t stand. But….we have to pay the bills right? Now imagine a world where you can actually get PAID to do something you love? This sounds like a dream….but it doesn’t have to be. This can become a reality when you work hard, rely on your team and show off your talents as an incredible dance fitness instructor.


people dancing - change lives and be creative as a certified dance fitness instructor

We have built a tribe of fitness loving instructors who want to change lives, be creative, and get paid to slay.

We know working out can be sexy and fun. We believe in a community of acceptance, body positivity, healthy living and joy. AND…getting paid to do what we love. Join the revival of dance fitness!

PlyoJam is the REVIVAL of dance fitness.

PlyoJam is a hot, edgy dance fitness format that provides the intensity level comparable to that of P90X or Insanity workout, but remains the fun, sexy dance party that so many crave.

PlyoJam is not your average, follow along dance class like a Zumba or Hip Hop Cardio class. The intensity comes from Plyometric-inspired movements, a form of jump training, that are weaved throughout the routines to maximize calories burned.

Additionally, PlyoJam routines are set to the hottest new music, which inspires and excites students and sets classes on fire. No other dance fitness program comes close to delivering the thrill and heart pumping experience of a PlyoJam class.


The cost of PlyoJam Instructor training for live and online training is $249 upfront, non-refundable. 

Our Backstage Pass membership is 30 days free + $13.99/month.


  • A one on one welcome video chat with a PlyoJam team member
  • Instructor profile on PlyoJam website
  • 5 New Routines Every Single Month
  • Access to over 275 PlyoJam routines in our choreo library
  • Access to PlyoJam marketing materials to create social media and newsletter content
  • Access to the private PlyoJam Instructor community
  • Access to instructor resources, tips, tricks, and more
  • Quarterly Zoom Conferences with Founders for continued education
  • Gain the support and camaraderie of a very tight knit team
fitness instructor training online program for PlyoJam

3 things you need to know about becoming a dance fitness professional

We’ve been teaching dance fitness for a combined ten years and we’ve taught thousands of students. We recognize that spark in a person when they have a deep love for fitness, dance and inspiring others. Why? Because we have it ourselves and we understand that CALLING that just won’t go away. If we were gamblers, here’s what we would bet about YOU.

3 Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Dance Fitness Professional - free guide


Are you ready to join a global fitness phenomenon? Are you ready to inspire, motivate, and change lives? Join us TODAY and discover your GREATNESS!

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PlyoJam Instructor Training FAQs


ONLINE TRAINING – Done from the comfort of home. When you complete the online training, you will have to submit an audition video in order to receive your certificate. Online training is a GREAT option if there is no live training where you live.

LIVE TRAINING – Some education completed from home online, plus a six hour live training with a Master Trainer. No audition video necessary. Six hours of training with a Master Trainer really helps you get ready to teach as you will walk away with at least 8-10 routines mastered.

A membership to the Backstage Pass membership is required to teach PlyoJam.  This membership keeps instructors up to date on new choreography, best practices, safety, education and more.

The membership grants you not only the ability to teach PlyoJam, but it also grants you access to our backend support: choreography, marketing materials, tips and tricks for social media, access to the private instructor group on Facebook, and your bio and schedule on the PlyoJam website.

By maintaining your membership to the Backstage pass portal, the license allows the licensee (the instructor) to teach LIVE PlyoJam classes, pop-ups, demos, festivals, etc.  Licensees (the instructor) or the venue (gyms, studios, rec centers, etc) at which you work may NOT film and record PlyoJam classes with the intent to sell access to online/digital PlyoJam courses on any kind of platform.

You may cancel your membership at anytime and the NEXT monthly licensing fee will not be charged.  However you may not be refunded for a licensing fee that was just charged. Upon membership cancellation, you will lose immediate access to the PlyoJam instructor portal.

A typical one hour PlyoJam class includes 14-15 routines, including your warmup and cool down.

Because we use the hottest hip hop and top 40 hits, we are unable to provide music to our instructors.  We have compiled a PlyoJam playlist on Spotify that contains just about all the music we use. The music we use can also be found on iTunes.

The training fees are non refundable.  If you don’t think you want to teach right away, not problem. You may join the Backstage Pass membership within one year of your training, and you do not need to repeat the training.

When you feel confident with the choreography and feel ready to teach, start approaching gyms, studios and rec centers in your area to get a class started!  You will likely have to audition or even offer to teach a free demo class! Or you can even rent a studio and teach a class to your friends and family for practice! Reach out via email or just walk in! If you need help with approaching locations, let the PlyoJam team know! We might have connections or ideas in your area!

Payment depends on the facility at which you work. Gyms usually pay a flat rate. Anywhere between $15 to $40 an hour. Boutique fitness studios will typically pay $3 to $6 dollars per head. PlyoJam does NOT take any cut of your pay. The only thing you pay us is your Backstage Pass monthly membership fee.

For the first three months that you teach PlyoJam, we require instructors to stick strictly to the PlyoJam choreography found on the website or on the YouTube channel. This is so that you become very familiar with the expected pace, design and expectation of a PlyoJam routine and to ensure adherence to and understanding of the PlyoJam brand.

After three months of teaching, you may choreograph your own routines, but routines must be recorded and submitted to the PlyoJam team for approval prior to the routine being taught in a class!

We often have choreography contests for cash!

We understand things come up which sometimes force instructors to pause their instructor memberships. In order to avoid paying the up front training fee, you must rejoin our membership within 12 months of pausing. Past 12 months, you will have to start over with the training process. 

No!  PlyoJam does not charge gyms or studios to carry PlyoJam classes.  The only payment to PlyoJam is the instructor training fee and monthly Backstage Pass fee!

Yes!  You will earn 5 AFAA/NASM CECs for completing either the online or live certification program.