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fitness instructor training online program for PlyoJam


If a live certification workshop is not available near you, don’t fret! We have built a simple ONLINE dance fitness instructor training program that can be completed from the comfort of home.

Click the link below to sign up and gain access to the instructor portal.

Inside the instructor portal you will have access to the training videos, the instructor manual, all instructor resources, choreography, marketing materials and more!

We can’t wait for you to join our team!


JUST $249



Sign up for the instructor membership to have access to the instructor portal.


1. Watch the training videos.
2. Read the instructor manual.
3. Take the quizzes.
4. Submit your audition video.
5. Schedule your one on one video chat with a PlyoJam team member.

After your fitness INSTRUCTOR TRAINING, you receive all of this for just $19.99/month:

  • Instructor profile featured on PlyoJam website.
  • Hundreds of PlyoJam routines available to instructors.
  • Access to PlyoJam marketing materials to create social media and newsletter content.
  • Join the private PlyoJam Instructor community.
  • Access to instructor resources, tips, tricks, and more.
  • Gain the support and camaraderie of a very tight knit team!
  • Three month check in via video chat.

3 things you need to know about becoming a dance fitness professional

We’ve been teaching dance fitness for a combined ten years and we’ve taught thousands of students. We recognize that spark in a person when they have a deep love for fitness, dance and inspiring others. Why? Because we have it ourselves and we understand that CALLING that just won’t go away. If we were gamblers, here’s what we would bet about YOU.

3 Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Dance Fitness Professional - free guide

PlyoJam Online Training FAQs

Your audition video can be as simple as you teaching a routine in your living room, or as structured as you teaching a routine to a class full of students in a gym or studio. You do NOT have to make up your own choreography. Choose one of the routines you see on the PlyoJam website or the PlyoJam YouTube channel. In you audition we are looking for the following instructor qualities:

  1.    Rhythm and musicality
  2.    An ability to cue students verbally and non-verbally
  3.     An ability to show modifications as well as full plyometric movements
  4.    An enthusiasm and contagious energy (SMILE!)
  5.    Crisp clean movements that students will be able to follow

When complete, email your video to [email protected].  Because the file might be large, you can use WeTransfer to send the video or upload it to YouTube and send the link.

Your quiz results should be sent to you immediately.  Your audition video will be reviewed within three business days. If you have not heard from the PlyoJam team within 3 business days of submission, please email [email protected].

A typical one hour PlyoJam class includes 14-15 routines, including your warmup and cool down.

Because we use the hottest hip hop and top 40 hits, we are unable to provide music to our instructors.  However, we highly recommend using Spotify, iTunes or any other music application you may typically use.

You may cancel your membership at anytime and the NEXT monthly licensing fee will not be charged.  However you may not be refunded for a licensing fee that was just charged. Upon membership cancellation, you will lose immediate access to the PlyoJam instructor portal.

The training fees are non refundable.  However, if you cancel your membership after training, you will not be charged the monthly licensing fee.

When you feel confident with the choreography and feel ready to teach, start approaching gyms, studios and rec centers in your area to get a class started!  You will likely have to audition or even offer to teach a free demo class! Or you can even rent a studio and teach a class to your friends and family for practice! Reach out via email or just walk in! If you need help with approaching locations, let the PlyoJam team know! We likely have connections or ideas in your area!

Payment depends on the facility at which you work. Gyms usually pay a flat rate. Anywhere between $15 to $40 an hour. Boutique fitness studios will typically pay $3 to $6 dollars per head. PlyoJam does NOT take any cut of your pay. The only thing you pay us is your monthly licensing fee!

The licensing fee grants you not only the ability to use the PlyoJam name, but it also grants you access to our backend support: choreography, marketing materials, tips and tricks for social media, access to the private instructor group on Facebook, and your bio and schedule on the PlyoJam website.

For the first three months that you teach PlyoJam, we require instructors to stick strictly to the PlyoJam choreography found on the website or on the YouTube channel. This is so that you become very familiar with the expected pace, design and expectation of a PlyoJam routine and to ensure adherence to and understanding of the PlyoJam brand.

After three months of teaching, you may choreograph your own routines, but routines must be recorded and submitted to the PlyoJam team for approval prior to the routine being taught in a class!

We often have choreography contests for cash!

We understand things come up which sometimes force instructors to pause their instructor memberships. In order to avoid paying the up front training fee, you must rejoin our membership within 12 months of pausing. Past 12 months, you will have to start over with the training process. 

Yes!  You will earn 5 AFAA/NASM CECs upon completing the Online Certification program.